Preventive Maintenance Program

Simple Energy Management

All Maintenance Programs Include

Annual System Inspection of Lightstat® Installed Equipment

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Environmental Controls

Environmental Controls

  • Verification of temperature sensors operation
  • Heating operation and verification
  • Cooling operation and verification

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Review of lighting scheduling (e-stats) and adjust as appropriate
  • Verification of lighting splits
  • Identification of any electrical breakers that are tripped
  • Verification of operation of Lightstat equipment
  • Identification of any lighting fixtures that are out
  • Make any necessary repairs

Repairing Products

Repair & Replace

  • Identification of changes to system installation to print
  • Detailed report & quote for repair (to bring system back to original design specifications)
  • In warranty hardware provided for replacement
  • Replacement of defective components

Credit for Replacement Hardware

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