Dimming Control Panel

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Dimming Control Panel

Lifetime Warranty LogoLightstat's Dimming Control Panel controls four zones, 0-10V dimming of LED/fluorescent lights in conjunction with, or independent of, Lightstat's lighting control products. Each zone can control multiple fixtures/luminaires up to 100mA and additional control boards can be added to increase the total number of zone circuits required for each application.

Title 24 Compliant LogoInterior Light Sensors connect to each zone to dim lights based on ambient lighting conditions while an occupancy sensor turns lights to their dimmest setting during unoccupied times.



Key Features

  • Four zones of 0-10VDC output for continuous dimming control (max 100mA output/zone)
  • One Interior Light Sensor input per zone for automatic daylighting and light level control
  • One Remote Interface per zone to adjust light level set points and automatic/manual operation selection
  • One optional Motion Sensor input for ON/OFF occupancy control
  • One optional AUX (contact closure) input for factory customization of controls (e.g. demand response input, eStat integration)
  • Dipswitch control to factory adjust zone response time
  • Expandable for additional zones

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To Order Call Customer Service 1.800.292.2444

  • Part Number Description
  • DP-K1-4DZ Up to 4 Zones Dimming Panel (1 kit included with panel)
  • DP-K5-8DZ Up to 8 Zones Dimming Panel (5 kits included with panel)
  • DP-K-1DZ Kit includes 1 Light Sensor and 1 Dimmer Switch
  • DP-LS Light Sensor
  • DP-DS Dimmer Switch Lightstat


The Dimming Control Panel is intended for commercial applications where a 0-10 VDC signal is required to control the brightness of dimmable fluorescent or LED fixtures/luminaires.

Dimming Control Panel

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