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TME Thermostat

TME Thermostats

Lifetime Warranty LogoControl the environment and your energy costs with the Lightstat TME thermostat. The digital readout displays room temperature and setpoints. Temperature controls are low voltage, solid state, automatic changeover, with heating and cooling options. TME thermostats provide automatic night set back for heating/cooling based on changes in interior light levels or occupancy signal.


Key Features

  • Highly reliable, simple diagnosis of your HVAC system status
  • Light level sensors or occupancy signal determine whether the space is occupied
  • Heating/cooling temperature "set-backs" during unoccupied times
  • Isolated A1-A2 dry contacts
  • EL backlit display
  • Interface with Remote Room Sensor, Averaging Sensors and/or Supply Air Sensor
  • Automatic re-start after power failures
  • No clocks, no programming, no batteries, no maintenance

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  • Part Number Description
  • TME Light-Sensing Automatic Thermostat (two stage)
  • TME-LAU Light-Sensing Automatic Thermostat with Visual Alarm
  • RRS Remote Room Sensor
  • RRS-AV Averaging Remote Room Sensor
  • SAS Supply Air Sensor
  • TME-CLC Clear Locking Cover


  • Multi-Site Retail stores
  • Quick-Serve Restaurants
  • Financial and Government Facilities
  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings

TME Thermostats

Our products are proudly made in the USA to meet each customer's needs and realize savings for years to come.

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