ecoStat Thermostats

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ecoStat Thermostats

ecoStat Thermostats

Lifetime Warranty LogoThe ecoStat is a low cost automated thermostat that provides intelligent energy efficiency in the form of a modern, simple interface. The ecoStat is the perfect solution for tenant housing, dormitories and military housing.

Lightstat’s ecoStat thermostat is feature-rich with two-stages of auto-changeover heating and cooling, configurable setpoints, and onboard digital temperature and humidity sensing to help maintain consistent temperature, increase facility efficiency and reduce energy costs.



Key Features

  • Two stage heating and cooling with auto changeover.
  • O/B terminal for heat pump applications.
  • Mode independent fan control.
  • Detachable backplate for ease of installation.
  • User interface to control power, mode, setpoints and fan.
  • Large LCD display for current temperature, active mode and setpoints.
  • Pre-configurable setpoints, setback conditions and time delays.
  • Custom configurations.
  • Digital temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Battery or common wire configuration options.

ecoStat Thermostat


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  • Apartments/Condos
  • Tenant Housing
  • Dormitories
  • Assisted Living Families
  • Military Housing
  • Camp Cabins
  • Stockrooms
  • Mechanical Rooms

ecoStat Thermostats

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