Lighting Controls

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Lighting Controls

Reduce your lighting costs with Lightstats Automatic Lighting Controls (ALC). Our sensor based controls prevent energy waste by conforming to your company’s hours of operation. This creates a safer environment by ensuring customers and employees never have to enter or leave a dark building. These controls compensate for holidays or schedule changes.

Turn on signs automatically during low-light conditions and keep energy costs down, by turning on parking lot lights only when it is dark enough to need them.

Lightstat’s microprocessor-based logic module can be customized for your application. Since it’s “plug and play” and ready to go, there’s no programming required.

Great for warehouses, showrooms, office spaces, aircraft hangers, gymnasiums, and multi-site applications; Lightstat’s lighting control systems are universally applicable to any space.

Dimming Panels

  • Part Number Description
  • DP-K1-4DZ Light dimming panel with up to 4 zones. One dimmer switch included
  • DP-K5-8DZ Light dimming panel with up to 8 zones. Five dimmer switches included

Automatic Lighting Controls

  • Part Number Description
  • ALC-K1-5C Automatic Lighting Control with up to 5 Contactors. One Contactor Kit Included.
  • ALC-K5-10C Automatic Lighting Control with up to 10 Contactors. Five Contactor Kits Included.
  • ALC-K5-15C Automatic Lighting Control with up to 15 Contactors. Ten Contactor Kits Included.

Simplified Energy Management

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