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Simplified Energy Management

Lightstat’s environmental control products provide the end-user with turnkey energy saving, cost reducing solutions. Lightstat products provide the end-user with full control of the most expensive to run, energy consuming onsite equipment.

Now available through the GSA Advantage program, Lightstat’s comprehensive product line offers customizable solutions to fit any need.

The Lightstat software based Energy Management System (EMS) includes HVAC Control, Lighting Control, Temperature and Power Monitoring. The Ethernet connected thermostats save energy by providing you with complete remote management of area temperatures. Thermostat and Lighting controls can be easily adjusted from any location through the simple to use EMS dashboard.

Server Software

HVAC Controls

Building Managers turn to Lightstat's Light-Sensing Setback Thermostats for a simple and reliable way to save energy costs through automatic night time setback and built-in heating and cooling temperature limits.

Technical Support

Lighting Controls

For simple, comprehensive programming of interior and exterior lighting, Lightstat offers remote and automatic lighting controls. Light sensors, motion sensors, dimmers and timers reduce your overall energy costs.

Energy Management

Lightstat’s Energy Management System (EMS) is simple to use, robust, secure and allows end users access to and control of all Lightstat eStat Thermostats, Automatic Lighting Controls, Power and Temperature Monitoring products.

Server Software

Temperature Monitoring System

Protect your products around the clock with the Temperature Monitoring System (TMS) from Lightstat.

Simplified Energy Management

Our products are proudly made in the USA to meet each customers needs and realize savings for years to come

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