Lightstat has been named a 2015 Tech Company To Watch.
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Energy Management
Centralized controls and analysis systems.
Predictive Analytics
Optimize Services through Data Analysis
  • Environmental Controls
  • Today’s connected devices can provide incredible visibility into all aspects of a facility’s operations. Be it space temperature, energy use, or equipment status, data collection is more than just about the numbers…it’s about optimizing performance for operational excellence. At Lightstat our software analyzes your data to provide real, actionable targets tailored to your business so you know where to focus and how to prioritize your resources.
The Future is Bright...
  • Climate Controls
  • Sensor & Control Systems
    Lightstat is applying its controls, energy management and sensor expertise in new and exciting directions, far beyond today’s applications and products. Regardless of the industry, we strive to utilize technology at its maximum potential to simplify information gathering and improve decision making. The future looks bright and Lightstat engineers are hard at work making today’s ideas tomorrow’s products.