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Lightstat Technology Lowers Energy Costs for

  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Banks
  • Offices
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Dormitories
  • Military Bases

"Since we put in the Lightstat thermostats, our summer HVAC-related maintenance costs have been lowered by approximately 25%"

Intelligent Energy Control Technology

Lightstat Inc manufactures and sells innovative energy-saving thermostats, lighting controls, and load control modules. We help our customers to conserve energy dollars and lower maintenance costs while preserving comfort.

Our Commitment To Quality

All Lightstat products are designed and assembled at our UL listed manufacturing facility in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. To ensure first-rate quality and reliability, each unit is individually calibrated and rigorously tested. We sell direct to our customers and provide friendly knowledgeable technical support toll-free for the life of the product.

Commercial Thermostat

Commercial Setback Thermostats

Managers of small and medium box retail and light commercial businesses turn to Lightstat's Light-Sensing Setback Thermostats for a simple and reliable way to save 10% to 15% in energy costs through automatic nighttime setback and built-in heating and cooling temperature limits. Learn more...

Ethernet Thermostat

Two-Way Ethernet Thermostats

Dramatically reduce maintenance costs and service calls with Lightstat's Two-Way Ethernet Thermostat or e-stat. The e-stat reports back system temperatures, status, and other useful data in real time. Easily monitor performance, troubleshoot problems, and update programs and settings from any computer via your wide-area or third-party network. Learn more...

Automatic Lighting Control

Automatic Lighting Controls

For simple comprehensive control of interior and exterior store lighting, Lightstat offers the Automatic Lighting Control. Light sensors, motion sensors and timers reduce manual controls to a single Open/Closed push button, save energy by keeping unnecessary lights off, and ensure employees never arrive or leave in complete darkness. Learn more...

TrackMiser Sub Panel

TrackMiser® Sub Panels

Get the most out of each linear foot of your track lighting by installing our TrackMiser® current limiting sub panel. Customized for your application so you spend only the watts you need, where you need them. Learn more...

Integrated Control System

Integrated Control Systems

Optimize overhead dollars by controlling lighting, heating and cooling in one convenient package with the Lightstat Integrated Control System. Our Setback Thermostats and Automatic Lighting Control seamlessly work together to maximize your energy savings. Learn more...

Integrated Utility Control

Integrated Utility Controls

Gather your electrical distribution, switch gear, HVAC and security controls together in a single efficiently designed cabinet.

Custom-designed for your application, the Lightstat Integrated Utility Control is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. Learn more...

Residential Thermostat

Setback Thermostats for Landlords

Military bases, colleges, and apartment building managers find Lightstat Light-Sensing TG Thermostats the ideal solution for automatically reducing heating and cooling costs while keeping residents comfortable. Learn more...